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The iconic Xoopar Bluetooth speaker, now economical in an organic version!

• Eco-responsible innovation for you

In 2020, Xoopar wishes to embody the Green and High-tech philosophy by creating environmentally friendly mobile accessories. We have therefore reworked the Mini Xboy so dear to your hearts to offer you an eco version.

• Head made from recycled plastic bottle. Biodegradable body with 20% wheat fiber included.

Concretely, we have revised the head so that it is made from recycled plastic bottles but also the body in which we have replaced 20% of the plastic with non-food wheat fiber and added the BioSphere additive which makes it makes it biodegradable. Your Mini Xboy can disappear in 3 to 5 years once buried in the earth (vs. 450 years for a classic plastic). So be sure to put it in a yellow bin the day it stops working.

The plastic of the packaging has also been reduced to a minimum, and the cardboard used is recycled and recyclable.

• Compatible with Bluetooth devices (smartphone, etc.)
Activate the Bluetooth of your smartphone (like your computer) then pair your XBOY. There it's done.

• Enjoy great sound quality thanks to its 3W mono speaker.
Bring the sound to your room!

• Make them walk in pairs and get 360 ° stereo sound!

• Autonomy of 4 hours
4 hours of continuous music, wherever you go, whether from your bedroom to the living room, or from your sofa to the boarding room.

• Integrated selfie remote control.
Like all mini XBOYs, capture your best moments with its integrated selfie remote control.

• Multi-LED light face and integrated wrist strap
It is equipped with a multi-LED light face and the integrated wrist strap in its hand allows it to be hung anywhere.


73x67x56 mm


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A wonderful little treasure trove of gorgeous items. I can always guarantee that I can find the perfect gift, and the lady running the store is always delightful, friendly and helpful.

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