PILGRIM: Sensitivity GP Crystal

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  • Beautiful gold-plated statement earrings with a magical design
  • Alluring hoops that exude feminine magnetism
  • Earrings measure 6 cm in length
  • Unique hoops for sensitive woman with magical strength
  • Long, winding serpents with clear Preciosa crystals

Unique gold-plated statement earrings with the spellbinding magnetism of elegant, intertwined serpents. The clear Preciosa crystals symbolise wisdom and follow the feminine curves of the serpents to reflect the light. These lovely hoops communicate the Sensitivity collection’s message of feminine sensitivity as a strength that develops a special insight into environmental signals. Let them work their feminine magic as part of a bohemian luxe look or with a stylish outfit to show off your powerful inner goddess.


Amazing customer service, friendly yet professional and always happy to help and advise. They just spend time to get to know you and are always welcoming and they have a great range of gifts and things to tempt. Great to support a local business. Just over 1 years old may it last many more.

A wonderful little treasure trove of gorgeous items. I can always guarantee that I can find the perfect gift, and the lady running the store is always delightful, friendly and helpful.

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