Foldable Flip Flops | Orange

Foldable Flip Flops | Orange

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Salvatos are made of high quality materials and unique structure, that allow them to fold easily and to return back into a straight position immediately after wearing them.


Salvatos have been tested in a lab, folded and stretched for more than 3000 times to make sure they will never break. That's  thanks to their unique structure and materials composition.


Salvatos are super comfortableflip flops and are recommended for use on a daily basis. Every day, all day. The sole is soft and durable, made of non toxic materials, and designed especially for running around the city.


Salvatos fold into a small silicone case, we designed just for you.They weigh only 186g! You can carry them around in your handbag and forget you even have them till the moment you need to be saved! Moreover they are very compact and can fit into almost any purse. 




Amazing customer service, friendly yet professional and always happy to help and advise. They just spend time to get to know you and are always welcoming and they have a great range of gifts and things to tempt. Great to support a local business. Just over 1 years old may it last many more.

A wonderful little treasure trove of gorgeous items. I can always guarantee that I can find the perfect gift, and the lady running the store is always delightful, friendly and helpful.

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