Bare Conditioner Bar | Rose Geranium & Peppermint

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Rose geranium and Peppermint solid conditioner bar.

Works especially well with Lemon Balm and Peppermint Shampoo.

Everyday use for clean, soft, healthy hair.

Rose Geranium boosts this conditioner’s anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties, helping to soothe a dry scalp and leaving you hair smelling luscious as well as tackling issues caused by pollution.

Peppermint It is used to relieve a dry scalp, stimulate hair growth, and give hair a healthy shine.

These conditioner bars will last for approx 3-4 shampoo bars.


How to use Natural Conditioner Bar

Run conditioner bar over washed, wet hair, focusing on the ends.
Massage hair for 1-2 minutes then rinse thoroughly.
Please keep conditioner in a dry place (it will last longer!).
Note: Only a small amount is needed. No foaming agents are contained in our natural conditioner bars, these not meant to foam like a bar of soap.


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