Pink Spot Foot Water Bottle

Pink Spot Foot Water Bottle

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Innovative design to keep your feet warm whilst you sit back and relax.

Cuddlesoft pink & black spotted fleece hot water bottle foot warmer keeps your feet warm with a regular hot water incorporated into a double foot static slipper cover! 

Simply fill the hot water bottle, then slip your feet in and enjoy the soothing, comforting heat that your tootsies will thoroughly enjoy!

Removable cover has an easy grip, non slip base although the slippers are not suitable for walking or standing.

The hot water bottle stopper has a velcro fasten tab cover for easy filling access.

Care and safety instructions provided on pack.

Foot Warmer Hot Water Bottle Slipper: Pink & Black Spots


Product Overview

  • 2 litre hot water bottle which double up as a cosy pair of slippers!
  • 36cm x 28cm
  • Not machine washable, surface clean only
  • Free sizing. Fits up to size 7
  • Manufactured to British Safety Standard BS197; 2012



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