Novelty Golf Ball Drink Coolers Ice Cubes

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It's a common problem. You want your drink to be cold, but as soon as you put an ice cube in there it waters it down. You end up with a cold drink, but it doesn't taste right. What can you do? You could keep all of your drinks in the fridge, but that doesn't leave you any space for things that need to be kept in there. Fortunately, there is a solution. These amazing novelty golf ball drinks coolers can keep your drinks perfectly cold without diluting your drink down. Each ball is filled with sterilised water, so all you need to do is put it in the freezer and then the next time you want a cool drink you just drop one of these into your glass. Your drink ends up nice and cool and it doesn't get watered down. The sterilised water inside each ball means that if you treat them too rough and one pops without you knowing, you're completely safe. If you know a golf lover then these golf ball drink coolers are the perfect gift. Each tin comes with twelve balls in, so you can always have your drinks cool. Just replace them as you use them and warm drinks will never be a problem. So if you're a golf lover, you have a friend who's a golf lover or you just want to keep your drinks incredibly cool then these are perfect. Keep your drinks cold and tasting perfect, just right for when you're relaxing at the 19th hole.


  • The coolers are filled with sterilised water and sealed.
  • Hand wash and re-freeze ready for next time.
  • Packed 12 pieces in a gift tin.
  • A great gift for someone who loves playing golf


Amazing customer service, friendly yet professional and always happy to help and advise. They just spend time to get to know you and are always welcoming and they have a great range of gifts and things to tempt. Great to support a local business. Just over 1 years old may it last many more.

A wonderful little treasure trove of gorgeous items. I can always guarantee that I can find the perfect gift, and the lady running the store is always delightful, friendly and helpful.

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